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Meet the Team


Scott Heyder

Sales Manager

Scott Comes to us From Long Island NY. He has been riding motorcycles for over 35 years. Scott rides on and off road, currently he rides a 2022 Kawaski Vulcan S and is also the owner of a 2022 Polaris Ranger crew. You can often find Scott with his family, if not on the road or trails typically he will be on a river somewhere in Florida Kayaking. He enjoys all aspects of the Powersports industry and has been a member of our team since 2015.

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George Nicholson

Sales Manager

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Moved to the west coast of Florida about 6 years ago, a true Florida Boy. My father being a machinist, working mostly in the motorcycle industry back in the 70's in South Florida, of course gave me the sickness of always having to be on 2 wheels, from my 1st dirt bike being a Honda MR50 when I was 4 years old, transitioning through many others to my current ride on the Kawasaki Z-H2. And when I need to be in the AC or out of the rain, occasionally will be rolling in the ol white Bronco "OJ".

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Grace Searing

Finance Manager

A New Port Richey native, but don't let that fool you, Grace has actually traveled to 18 different countries and considers herself an avid backpacker. During her time off she enjoys driving her Slingshot and jet skiing with her family. Grace received her Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from Indiana State University. She previously worked as a safety and compliance director before joining the team.

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Chris Ewing

B.D.C. Specialist

Born and raised in Citrus County FL, Chris was thrown into the motorsport's world with the first dirt bike he ever rode, being a Kawasaki KX 65. "When you learn to ride on that, everything else after that seems easy!" Chris grew up doing anything from hitting mudholes to racing motocross, "if it has an engine, I'll drive it!" Being a lifelong athlete, motorsports enthusiast, and overall adrenaline junkie, Chris felt right at home when he started with us in 2019 and plans to be a face here for many years to come.

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Product Specialist

From Northeast P.A. Mountains, live to hunt, fish, ride street bikes and my Side x Side and hang with my 2 pit bulls. I have been with the company for 8 years. I hope to see you soon and get you riding.

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C.J. Wilshusen

Product Specialist

I Grew up on Long Islands east end my parents bought me my first dirt bike for my 10th birthday. I bought my first Street bike when I was 17 and I have been riding on the road ever since, currently I am riding a 2020 Harley Street Glide with a few modifications. I have also had boats,JetSki’s, built hot rods and have been around all types of motor sports. Thats how I ended up in the Powersports industry because for me it was a way of life, plus I was always in the shops anyway buying parts to make them go faster.

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Travis Golisano

Product Specialist

Regarded as a "Child at Heart", Travis has had sport bikes from almost every major manufacturer at some point of another and extends that passion to the world of Side-By-Sides and Jet-Skis. He has spent almost his entire life on two wheels and has even passed that trait on to his two sons, creating an entire family of riders.

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Chris Bates

Product Specialist

Born and raised in Nashville,TN having dirt bikes and quads on the farm. Got a motorcycle license at 14 yrs old and the rest is history. I lived in Atlanta, GA til 2015 when I got out of the nightclub industry and made the move to FL to get certified as a Harley Davidson mechanic and get into something I have loved my whole life. I have had multiple bikes but my Street Glide is top of the list!

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Tyler Snorek

Product Specialist / Triumph Specialist

From racing motocross and e-bikes to enjoying family time on their personal watercraft, Tyler lives and breathes the motorsports lifestyle. His positive attitude and willingness to do what it takes to help another individual out will really help you enjoy your service experience.

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Parts and Accessories

Jennifer Nicholson

Parts Manager

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Christina Haack

Fixed Ops Liaison

Born and raised in Hudson, Florida. Grew up around street and drag strip racing. I left Florida for 4 years to join the Marines and came back in 2018 as a Veteran. Recently became a motorcycle rider and already owns two bikes of her own. A 23 Kawasaki Z125, and a 05 Suzuki GSXR600. If she’s not in the Tahoe or riding one of her bikes, you'll probably find her at home spending time with family.

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C.J. Dilley

Parts Specialist

Originally from the old state of Virginia, it is safe to say CJ has been fully indoctrinated into the "Florida Man" lifestyle. From tearing up his grandparent's farm with his side by sides, to shredding the gnarly Florida waves on jet skis. CJ has also taken his love for powersports to the streets, terrorizing U.S. 19 with his Yamaha R7. His passion for the industry inspires him to deliver expert part knowledge. If you're looking for a part, CJ is the best place to start.

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Jagger Chausse

Parts Specialist

Nolan Whitmer

Shipping and Receiving

Nolan brings the life and spirit of what we do here every day straight to the track, as his ENTIRE FAMILY races Side-By-Sides! The common definition of full-blown hardcore riding is what Nolan considers "Quality Assurance". Having a plethora of knowledge, he is guaranteed to get you top-tier service and get your machine running like it did the day it was assembled.

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Gio Golisano

Service Team Leader

Growing up around street bikes and powersports played a huge role in developing those once in a lifetime relationship and he is dedicated to bringing that experience to others. Gio also enjoys being hands on, learning more every day , and taking challenges head on to overcome them. He strives to create an environment for all customers to feel a part of our family.

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Micheal Smith

Service Writer



Danny Barclay


Christian Gamble


Alex Benitez

Driver / Lot Porter

Born in the States & raised in Puerto Rico. In love with the industry since a child and finally as an adult (sort of) joined and was accepted with open arms by the motorcycle community. He rides a 2023 Ninja 400. The moment Pasco Powersports opened the door for him to learn and grow, he jumped at the offer and hasn't looked back since.

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Tim Spurlock

GM / Owner

Meet Tim Spurlock, the GM and Owner of Pasco Powersports. Before he entered the ownership role at Pasco Powersports, Tim had already spent several years building an automotive and powersports retail legacy. But his journey began long before that, with a commitment to serve his country. Tim's valor led him to the Marine Corps and later the Army, where he embraced discipline, leadership, and an unyielding work ethic that would define his career. Beyond the dealership, Tim's life is a celebration of adventure. A lover of boating, cars, mudding, and the freedom of the open road, he epitomizes the spirit of the powersports lifestyle. Whether he's navigating choppy waters, conquering off-road trails, roasting the tires off a classic car or feeling the wind rush past him on a motorcycle, Tim's zest for life is as boundless as the horizons he chases. His commitment has cultivated a dedicated team that shares Tim's passion for powersports and customer satisfaction. Tim's journey from military service to industry leadership, and his personal dedication to adventure and camaraderie, have transformed Pasco Powersports into more than just a dealership—it's a hub of passion, service, and connection.

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Tammy Spurlock

Administrative Assistant

Adventure enthusiast accompanied by the ever energetic (LOL) Turbo, who finds joy in bringing a sense of excitement to every moment, whether it's boating on the Gulf waters, getting down and dirty in the mud, relaxing by the pool at home, or embarking on memorable RV adventures. All while embracing life's thrill with my partner in crime, Tim.

Kayla Lane



CCO (Chief Canine Officer)

In the bustling world of Pasco Powersports, where the revving of engines and the thrill of adventure are the daily norm, there's an unexpected figure who has taken the dealership by storm. Meet Turbo, a Basset Hound puppy who holds the esteemed title of Chief Canine Officer at Pasco Powersports. From the moment Turbo set his paws inside the dealership, he made it his mission to brighten everyone's day. His daily routine involves wandering through the showroom, wagging his tail and bestowing his affection upon anyone who crosses his path. Customers and staff members alike are treated to his charming antics, whether it's his signature "Basset Hound flop" or his endearing attempts to carry around a toy that's nearly half his size. But Turbo's role at Pasco Powersports goes beyond just being an adorable mascot. He's also earned his stripes as an unofficial therapy dog, providing comfort and companionship to anyone in need. His calming presence has a way of easing tense negotiations and soothing the nerves of first-time buyers. It's not uncommon to find Turbo nestled beside a customer as they discuss the finer details of their purchase, his reassuring gaze offering a silent vote of confidence. As Turbo continues to grow and make his mark on Pasco Powersports, his story serves as a reminder that true leadership comes in all forms. Whether he's offering a sympathetic snuggle or simply brightening up a gloomy day, Turbo's tenure as the Chief Canine Officer is a testament to the power of unexpected joy and the bonds that can form between humans and their furry companions. In the high-octane world of powersports, Turbo has shown that a little bit of basset hound charm can go a long way in bringing people together.

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